Derecho de Petición para la Protección de la Vida ante amenaza por fallas del Proyecto Hidroeléctrico El Quimbo

clic parar descargar La Asociación de Afectados por Proyecto Hidroeléctrico El Quimbo, ASOQUIMBO,

-NIT: 900308358-1-, se dirige a ustedes de manera pública en ejercicio del
derecho de petición, consagrado en el artículo 23 de la Constitución Nacional y en
el artículo 5º del Código Contencioso Administrativo, con fundamento en los

The Otter Project v State of California

The inland valleys of California’s central coast are intensively farmed for 9 to 10 months of the year. The Otter Project monitors the Salinas Valley by small plane. One grower threatened to shoot the plane down. The Salinas River is to the left and Monterey Bay in the far distance.

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It’s not the first time Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton has come out against Arctic drilling. But with the news yesterday that the Obama administration has given final approval to Shell to drill this summer in the world’s most pristine waters, she must have felt obligated to mention it again. This time in a tweet.

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Below is another update from World Rivers Day Chair, Mark Angelo, in the lead up to World Rivers Day, slated for September 27th, 2015.

Greetings River Advocates,
World Rivers Day is set for September 27th this year (as always, falling on the last 
Sunday in September) and, while the event is still a few months away, it will be 
here before we know it.  Consequently, we're hoping that river advocates from 
around the globe will start planning events as part of this year's World Rivers Day