Below is another update from World Rivers Day Chair, Mark Angelo, in the lead up to World Rivers Day, slated for September 27th, 2015.

Greetings River Advocates,
World Rivers Day is set for September 27th this year (as always, falling on the last 
Sunday in September) and, while the event is still a few months away, it will be 
here before we know it.  Consequently, we're hoping that river advocates from 
around the globe will start planning events as part of this year's World Rivers Day 
As examples of what is being planned already, there will be events across Canada. 
In British Columbia, with the help of lead sponsor, the Pacific Salmon Foundation, 
plans are underway for a massive 35th anniversary celebration of BC Rivers Day 
including many large community events from Burnaby to Campbell River, as well a 
series of Fraserfest gatherings along the Fraser River. In other parts of the country, 
festivities will take place from Saskatchewan to Newfoundland.
There will also be an array of events and activities across the United States, with 
many events being planned by local Riverkeepers associated with groups such as 
the Waterkeepers Alliance.
Elsewhere, there will be some incredible events, ranging from the Rivers and 
Wetlands Community Day celebration in south east England -- to events across the 
great waterways of Europe, with the help and support of Uniworld, one of the 
world’s leading river cruise companies.
In the Caribbean, on the beautiful “nature island” of Dominica, river enthusiasts will 
celebrate the incredible values of the island’s many waterways while also profiling 
the threats to rivers posed by climate change.
Across Australia, events will range from a country-wide photo contest organized by 
the International River Foundation, to the RiverSymposium which will be held in 
Brisbane in the immediate run-up to Rivers Day.
And in Africa, events will take place from South Africa to Nigeria.
The list of global events will grow dramatically in the weeks and months ahead. 
Activities will range from stream cleanups and habitat enhancement activities to 
educational outings and community riverside events. You are only limited by your 
Visit our Web site at to find out more about World 
Rivers Day -- and please let us know about your event plans by email.  We can 
help your promotions via our web site, and through e-mails like this one.  Last year, 
river enthusiasts from around the world came together for the ninth annual event.  
It was a great success, with millions of people involved from more than 60 
World Rivers Day is based on the original success of BC Rivers Day in British 
Columbia, Canada which celebrates its 35th anniversary this year.
Promoting River Stewardship
World Rivers Day is a celebration of the world's waterways.  It highlights the many 
values of rivers and strives to increase public awareness and hopefully encourage 
the improved stewardship of rivers around the world.  Rivers in every country face 
an array of threats, and only our active involvement will ensure their health in the 
years ahead.
Join the Celebration!
World Rivers Day organizers encourage all of you to come out and participate.  In 
particular, consider starting a Rivers Day event of your own, which might range 
from a stream cleanup to a community riverside celebration.  And if you create an 
event, be sure to tell us about it!  We'll keep you posted in the months ahead as 
new Rivers Day activities are announced.
International Partners
World Rivers Day is intended to complement the broader efforts of the United 
Nations Water For Life Decade initiative and we look forward to working closely 
with them in the months ahead to promote this event and encourage new 
participants.  In launching World Rivers Day, we also greatly appreciated the 
support of the United Nations University and the International Network on Water, 
Environment and Health.
Special thanks to our British Columbia and World Rivers Day sponsors:
Pacific Salmon Foundation
International River Foundation
Real Estate Foundation of British Columbia
United Nations Water for Life Decade, Canada initiative
United Nations Water for Life Decade; 2005-2015
Hope Mountain Centre for Outdoor Learning
Outdoor Recreation Council of British Columbia
To find out more about water issues, and how to get involved with World Rivers 
Day, visit the websites below for more information.
World Rivers Day
BC Rivers Day
United Nations "Water For Life Decade" 
Yours truly,
Mark Angelo
BC and World Rivers Day Chair/Founder
United Nations Water for Life, Canada initiative
Outdoor Recreation Council Rivers Chair
Chair Emeritus, Rivers Institute at BCIT